Recently, GRN was given land in Koggi (pronounced "Korgi" by many local people) Village, Juba County, South Sudan (on the Nile River). We have relocated from Loka, South Sudan (where we have worked from since 2002), to Koggi Village this month (June). We see this as a strategic and God led move for GRN. We are in Koggi, simply because we believe our Lord wants us there. Our focus is not complicated, we simply want to be a voice for the Lord and lend a hand to people that God loves and that Jesus died for.


    Our short-term goals are to establish a new workstation in Koggi (in progress). This would include three small houses (tukuls), one kitchen/dining hall, bathing station, pit latrine, bore hole (water well - completed), fence, gate and guard tukul for security.   This workstation would simply act as an operations center for GRN as we reach out to the people of Juba County in several different ways.


    GRN has been asked to oversee the development of a Christian community (this is very humbling to us). This will be a pilot site for other upcoming communities in South Sudan. The plan is to build a large church in the center of the proposed new village. The church will act as the "center piece" for the life of the new community. Koggi Village is expecting to have thousands

of refugees populate its beautiful landscape. This is a concerted effort to establish a community where Christ is truly the central focus of village life.


    This is not just a humanitarian effort, but it is a spiritual and physical outreach designed to plant the seeds of the Gospel into the hearts of young children and adults alike. Currently, South Sudan has adopted a freedom of religion policy, which makes the poor very vulnerable to Islamic influence. All over the world (including South Sudan), Muslims provide poor children with free education, clothes and food. They do this not out of kindness or goodwill, but as a strategy to enslave the next generation to the Islamic faith and even to raise up soldiers for jihad. In the days to come, Koggi will have not only a church, but a nursery school and other Christian education facilities.



    GRN will be working with local Christian leaders to provide solid spiritual guidance and basic needs of the people of Koggi Village. We will also be working closely with several government officials (our friends) to pinpoint other crucial needs that the people of Juba County are facing. We already know that this will include serving widows, veterans, IDPs and villagers with Christ's love through pastoral care and spiritual encouragement (this will all be done along side local church leaders).


    Moving all of GRN’s operations to Koggi has required a lot of hard work on our end and prayerful and financial help from our friends. The work is not over.


    We know that the road ahead will not be easy, but then again, it has not been easy the whole time we have served in South Sudan. 2012 marks GRN’s thirteenth year of ministry in South Sudan. It also marks the beginning of a new effort to see this budding new nation, with the power of God, stand on its own.


    With God’s leading, GRN will continue to give “Love For Free” to the people of South Sudan. Will you please prayerfully consider how you can partner with us as we take this next step? Together we can make a significant difference for the cause of Christ in this new nation. We have never begged for help at GRN and will not start now. If this is a work of God, and we believe that it is, then He will provide for it. We are simply letting the needs be known and trusting that God will lead our friends on how to participate with us to get the job done. God bless you and thank you for caring!


Your friend and partner in ministry,

Tom Zurowski
GRN - Founder/Director